Thursday, November 02, 2006

Librarian 2880

Ever wonder what the minimum number of hours of instruction or class time (only real quantifiable data) is required to make a Librarian? With the assistance of the admissions office of the University of British Columbia and the School of Archival and Information Studies it was estimated that two thousand, eight hundred and eighty hours -- plus or minus a few hours -- is a relatively accurate figure.

Why is this important? Next time you're asked what you do, tell them you're a Librarian 2880. This will undoubtedly lead to some questions about the figure in which case you can explain that it takes a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree to achieve the professional title of LIBRARIAN (total instructional time 2880 hours). We have to educate the public, our students, and even our administrators that the term 'librarian' only means one thing, a Librarian 2880!


Not everyone who works in an engineering firm is an engineer!
Not everyone who works in a hospital is a physician!


Everyone who works in a library is a librarian!

Time to change this perception!

From one of the many Librarian 2880s


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