Friday, January 01, 2010

A Reminder ...

From IFLA ---
"a collection of professional guidelines for librarians and other library employees adopted by national library or librarians associations or implemented by government agencies."

Demonstrates concern for the profession of the librarian, the high social status of librarianship and its authority. (Armenia)

Library and information personnel should maintain high standards of professional integrity and should not engage in conduct, which could prejudice the standing of their profession. Nor should they advance their own personal interests at the expense of their employers, colleagues or user communities. (Hong Kong)

Librarians provide for the implementation of the basic principles through professional activities, particularly advocating the following:
-preserving status, dignity and integrity of the profession. (Croatia)

Our professional competence guarantees the trust and respect of society towards the library and our profession. (Estonia)

Librarians safeguard the prestige of the library profession, take part in the activities of the professional community and co-operate with their colleagues. (Hungary)

The librarian has an obligation to encourage potential users of the library under his/her care to be aware of the existence of the library and how to use its services. (Israel)

It is the duty of the librarian to promote, both individually and collectively, the efficiency and the independence of the library service as an instrument of democracy. (Italy)

The librarian, in all his/her professional activities, must be guided by the principle of service rather than personal expediency or gain. (Jamaica)

Librarians fulfill their duties as professionals by means of thorough awareness of the professional knowledge and protection of autonomy. (Korea)

Librarians, in case a standpoint of the parent organization is against the principles of the professionalism, are responsible to oppose to this position based on their professional beliefs. (Korea)

Librarians always maintain honest attitude and self-esteem. (Korea)

Should uphold the principle of intellectual freedom and allow users to have free and equal access to sources of information without discrimination, within the limits of the law. (Malaysia)

Must treat co-workers and fellow librarians with respect, fairness and goodwill(Malaysia)

Librarians' actions and decisions should be based firmly on sound professional practice. (New Zealand)

Librarians should not directly or indirectly assist in the unauthorized practice of librarianship. They should report any violation of any provision of existing laws, rules and regulations. (Philippines)

Librarians should be vigilant in the protection of all library property and resources. (Philippines)

Librarians should refrain from associating with, or allowing the use of their names by any persons or organizations whose relationship therewith would cast a doubt on their integrity and reputation. (Philippines)

Librarians and information professionals' task is to recognize, satisfy and develop informational, educational, scientific, cultural, esthetic and entertainment needs of the users. Their particular duty is the creation of opportunities for free public access to national and international information resources as well as the preservation and public transmission of the cultural and scientific heritage.(Poland)

Resignations should be made long enough before they are to take effect to allow adequate time for the work to be put in shape and a successor appointed.(Singapore)

The librarian shall strive to provide access to users’ collective heritage and to information, regardless of medium.(Sweden)

We live up to the principles of intellectual and informational freedom;
We oppose the attempts to censor reading and library collections (Ukraine)

Members’ primary duty when acting in the capacity of librarian is to their clients, i.e. the persons or groups of persons for whose requirements and use are intended the resources and services which the members are engaged to provide. In all professional considerations the interests of the clients within their prescribed or legitimate requirements take precedence over all other interests.(United Kingdom)


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