Sunday, April 17, 2011

Losing Libraries -check out the site!

Losing Libraries:  losing democracy
Losing Libraries: Saving Libraries "Sometimes we have to know what is at risk before we can engage in saving it. This summer, as libraries continued to get budget hit after budget hit across the country, several readers asked for a comprehensive picture of the ravages of the recession on library service. Cindy Orr, a Cleveland librarian and editor of LJ’s Collection Development series, sent along a link to Paper Cuts, a website that documents the jobs lost at newspapers, and urged us toward gathering a similar national picture of cuts to libraries. In partnership with Movers & Shakers Laura Solomon and Mandy Knapp, LJ launched

The site maps the variety of cuts across the country from the start of the downturn in 2008 onward. It also gathers information on the numerous advocacy efforts waged against threats to funding. As it is populated with information from across the country, the Losing Libraries resource will inform a national view of the budgetary tug of war that is currently twisting this critical institution in its grasp."


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