Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Professional Ethics

What follows is an excerpt from the "Code of Professional Conduct" of the Chartered Institute of Library Professionals, CILIP (UK)

--- a reminder of our primary obligation!

d Members’ primary duty when acting in the capacity of librarian is to their clients, i.e. the persons or groups of persons for whose requirements and use are intended the resources and services which the members are engaged to provide. In all professional considerations the interests of the clients within their prescribed or legitimate requirements take precedence over all other interests. It is recognised that the persons or groups of persons to whom this duty is owed will vary according to the nature of the employment which members undertake. In particular it is recognised that different considerations will apply where members are working at a place to which the public has right of access from those where they are working in an environment where the public is excluded or given only limited access.

Source: IFLA


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