Saturday, February 09, 2008

Essential facets of Librarianship

Rory LitwinExcerpt from Rory Litwin's blog entry,
Annotated list of things not to forget (in the 2.0 craze)...

Posted by RL: January 6, 2008, Library Juice

"I’ve been brainstorming about some essential facets of librarianship - skills, roles, services, problems - that while they have not lost any relevance have lately been ignored, passed over, forgotten, swept under the rug, or declared obsolete and old-fashioned by the vocal minority of librarians whose main concern now seems to be to create a new librarianship that is not saddled with the old baggage. I will say, editorially, that I think much of the energy behind Library 2.0 springs from insecurity about the usefulness of what we do as librarians and insecurity about the seriousness of the knowledge base that it involves (a problem that may derive in part from a decline in standards in library education)."



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